Your data, your terms.

We provide you with your digitally sovereign solution to keep track of your e-mails and calendars, to organize yourself with tasks or to stay in contact with team colleagues via video meeting.

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Kopano ONE

Why Kopano?

  • Scalable and Flexible
  • 100% Open Source
  • Keep control of your data
  • Enterprise support
  • Integrated Solution Stack
  • Cost-Efficient


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Because Kopano is free and open source we were empowered and able to speed up the development of features that our users needed.
Tryggvi BjörgvinssonHagstofa Íslands | Statistics Iceland

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We are a worldwide distributed team of software developers, engineers and sales-people. Our home base is Delft in the Netherlands, two other offices are located in Hannover and Plochingen in Germany. The demand for open, secure, and privacy focused software grows, so our team must keep pace and grow too. That’s where you come in …


Our team All our job offers

... a Senior Linux support engineer

36-40 h/week - Delft

a Real-time audio and video engineer

40 h/week - Delft, Hannover, Stuttgart or anywhere else