How we see the collaboration space

Over the last couple of years the world has changed. The users’ focus shifted from groupware to combined services with communication and sharing. Some software vendors try to satisfy the users’ hunger for new technology with bigger and bigger commodity cloud approaches. Others become more and more inflexible with customer lock-in and related hidden switching costs. We don’t do either of these things. With Kopano we introduce a thoroughly modern communication experience which adds the advanced functionality teams need to boost productivity and enhance collaboration.

Kopano is thé open source communication & sharing solution. It includes everything you need (and want) for your daily professional life. Its open source nature allows you to keep complete control of your data and your infrastructure. You can see what is happening to your data anytime and anywhere: on-premises or in the (hybrid) cloud. Naturally it also stays easy to integrate into existing environments, and its modular architecture remains the foundation for easy scalability.

What is Kopano as a communication & sharing platform?

You can download our platform for use in the browser or directly on your desktop. The combination of file sharing, web meetings, email and calendaring provides you with anything you need to go through your working day. Mobile access and working offline via Outlook are provided via ActiveSync.

The team

Our team has many years of experience in providing software solutions for organising the lives of busy professionals. Many of our team members have been involved with the growth of Zarafa; from being an exotic, Linux-based software solution to becoming the most important MS Exchange email alternative in Europe. We feel open source in our hearts and are driven by the pulse of innovation of new technologies. We create new ways of communication & sharing in a confident way for organizations who care about their data. Together with partners and the community we strive to become the most flexible communication & sharing platform in the world. In the Kopano project we developed an integrated suite of open source solutions around the open source core of existing and proved software.