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Juni 1, 2017

Open-Source-Anbieter bereitet den Weg aus der Abhängigkeit von Microsoft

Immer mehr Unternehmen und Anwendern wird bewusst, wie abhängig sie von Microsoft sind. Im Bereich Groupware liefert der Open-Source-Hersteller Kopano das fehlende Teil, um diese Abhängigkeit aufzulösen. Eine Gruppe europäischer Journalisten hat Europas Behörden und Regierungen eine „fatale Abhängigkeit von Microsoft“ diagnostiziert [1]. Ihre Recherchen belegen […]
April 28, 2017

KB3172519 – Der Patch, der Allen das Antworten austrieb

Ein Security-Update für Microsoft Office verhindert in Outlook 2013 die Möglichkeit, per E-Mail allen Empfängern und dem Absender zu antworten. Im Issue KB3172519 [1] beschreibt Microsoft, dass ab sofort die eigene E-Mail-Adresse beim Aufruf von „Allen antworten“ mit beachtet wird, man diese E-Mail also auch sich […]
April 7, 2017

Kopano at CeBIT

We’ve been sharing the booth together with Univention. And it was indeed really a very nice booth (see pictures). I must say, it really is awesome to share the booth with these people, as they share the same mindset. It truly (at least for me) always […]
Februar 22, 2017

Kopano & openSUSE: Yes, we’re open!

OpenSUSE Factory & Roadmap Big news for the community: Kopano has been included in openSUSE’s factory distribution, which is the „development” title of openSUSE’s next upcoming release and the first required step to take for inclusion into openSUSE downstream. Not only that: We are straight on […]
Februar 10, 2017

Kopano @ FOSDEM – As vibrant as it gets

This year we went to FOSDEM with Kopano for the first time, with the goal to especially extend our community efforts and to get in touch with the vibrant Open Source community. We came to FOSDEM, prepared with a setup of our complete communication stack to […]
Februar 10, 2017

Kopano WebApp now runs on ZCP 7.2.5!

Zarafa has announced the availability of ZCP 7.2.5 final this week. While this release mainly focuses on improving the compatibility, stability and performance of the stack this release has a big additional benefit: it is compatible with Kopano WebApp! What does this mean? In order to […]
Februar 3, 2017

Kopano – First time at FOSDEM for the Zarafa fork

Delft, February 4th 2017. Kopano, the European open collaboration project is at FOSDEM for the first time. Kopano is the Zarafa fork delivered by the makers of Zarafa! With the experience of over 10 years delivering enterprise groupware and collaboration software, the Kopano team invites developers […]
Januar 12, 2017

Impact of 10 years of iPhone on us

The day I first heard about a new mobile device called iPhone in 2007 was not an unusual day for me. I was on the way to an IT event and prepared to meet some people to discuss business. Besides my work in my own company […]
Dezember 15, 2016

2016 – The year of the fork

In May 2016 something really great happened: After years of hard work we finally launched Kopano, a new system bringing intuitive communication tools together in one platform. We forked proven, scalable groupware technology from Zarafa and extended it to go beyond traditional groupware with additional apps […]
Dezember 9, 2016

Kopano und S/MIME: Sei wer Du bist!

E-Mail und Identität sind fest miteinander verknüpft. Woher weiß ich, dass eine E-Mail tatsächlich von dem kommt, dessen Namen ich im Absender sehe? Vor allem im geschäftlichen E-Mail-Verkehr ist dieser Nachweis wichtig. Doch wie stellt man das schnell und einfach an?
November 8, 2016

User friendly email security

What is S/MIME? S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is a standard for securely transmitting MIME-encapsulated messages (such as email). It is tailored for end-to-end security and support for S/MIME is built into most modern email software and is interoperable. S/MIME uses public-key based infrastructure to do […]
Oktober 27, 2016

How to get Kopano

A common question we frequently get, is if there is a community version of Kopano. Of course there is! Kopano is Open Source Software. There is a difference in how to get the software as a paying customer or a community member. Kopano for customers Part […]
Oktober 14, 2016

Kopano Newsflash October 2016

Last week we met for the 9th year in a row for our yearly groupware, communication and sharing conference. This year something big happened: we presented our new identity and direction accompanied by a new logo, product icons and supporting images. These are also visible in […]
September 11, 2016

Kopano Newsflash September 2016

At the Kopano Conference you can expect a mix of technology, interesting people, technical talks from different perspectives, various networking opportunities and a bit of unforgettable fun. Check out the Kopano Conference website now to get a sneak peek of the program at the Conference! View […]
September 1, 2016

DeskApp backstory and future development

Since the early ‘00’s there has been more and more activity and development for business email (and in general: groupware) on the web. While web based applications were already widely accepted and used by consumers, it took a bit longer for traditional ‘fat clients’ to get […]
August 26, 2016

Kopano Newsflash August 2016

We’d like to inform you about the Kopano Conference, our latest addition to the Kopano client family and our updated product strategy & roadmap. New blog posts on migration and the Kopano Outlook Extension are introduced and we will even feature a webinar on migration strategies. […]
August 14, 2016

„Einmal Kopano to Go, bitte!“ …

… oder: Wie kommen wir zu unserem eigenen Mail- und Kommunikations-Server in nur 30 Minuten? „Kompliziert,  weil es Linux ist“ war gestern. Heutzutage ist das Einrichten eines Kopano-Servers so einfach, wie man es sich nur vorstellen kann.
August 11, 2016

Introducing the Kopano Outlook Extension

Last month the Z-Push team released the final version of Z-push 2.3.0 which includes the first release of the Kopano Outlook Extension. Today we provide you with a deeper look into the technical progress behind the Kopano OL Extension (or just KOE for short) and our […]
Juli 29, 2016

Kopano migration strategies

Two months ago we released the Kopano communication & sharing platform, a thoroughly modern communication experience with the advanced functionality that teams need to boost productivity and enhance collaboration. Kopano is thé open source communication & sharing solution, which is easy to integrate into existing environments, […]
Juli 7, 2016

Kopano newsflash

By extending it with new components, we aim to create a united communication & sharing solution that naturally complements the daily interactions in your professional life.