März 23, 2020

Kleine Anleitung, wie Kopano Meet genutzt wird

Telefonieren ist eigentlich etwas höchst seltsames: Man hört Stimmen, weiß aber nicht wem sie gehören. Man sagt etwas, sieht aber nicht, wenn der Gegenüber zweifelnd die Stirn runzelt. In Telefonkonferenzen ist es chaotisch, weil man eben nicht merkt wenn jemand […]
März 21, 2020
5 Gründe für Meet

Fünf Gründe für Meet als Videomeeting-Tool in Ihrer Organisation

Gerade jetzt, wo das öffentliche Leben weitgehend in die Wohnungen (sei es als Home Office oder Home Schooling) verlegt wurde oder Angehörige aus Rücksichtnahme besser nicht besucht werden sollten, sehe ich immer wieder Tweets wie diesen: In diesem Blogpost nenne […]
März 16, 2020

COVID-19: Freier Zugang zu Videokonferenzen in der Coronavirus Krise

Weltweit wird einige Wochen nach dem Ausbruch des Coronavirus die sozialen Distanzierung (Social Distancing) als wichtigste Maßnahme gesehen. Auch in Deutschland hat sich ein Großteil des Berufslebens in Home Offices verlagert. Nicht wenige Menschen machen das zum ersten Mal in […]
Oktober 15, 2019

Meet: The Digitally Sovereign Google Hangouts Alternative

There’s a lot going on in the world of videoconferencing. While Microsoft is pushing users of Skype for Business to the cloud-based Microsoft Teams, Google announced the end-of-life of the classic Google Hangouts. It plans to transition all of its […]
Oktober 4, 2019
5 Gründe für Meet

The Future of Meetings is Digital

In a blog post from last year, we addressed some trends in the collaboration landscape including remote working. It seems that people nowadays work from wherever they can. Their home offices, from the airport or even from a beach at […]
September 18, 2019

A Day With Kopano Meet

With Kopano Meet we recently reached the magical milestone of a “1.0” version. Its initial release was in January of this year but internally we have been using Meet for quite a while longer. During these months we worked hard […]
Juni 14, 2019

Using Docker to Spin Up a Kopano Environment

In my previous blog, I showed you some of the mechanics that have been used to build containers for Kopano. This time I want to give you a quick rundown on the steps needed to spin up these containers in […]
Juni 11, 2019

Backup and Data Recovery with SEP sesam

No matter the size of your organization, making backups regularly is essential to your company’s progress. They are your insurance to retain customers and the highest level of data integrity and availability. At the same time you want to be […]
Juni 5, 2019

Building Docker Containers for Kopano

Containerization remains a hot topic, be it directly on Docker (for example aided by Docker Compose) or on big orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes. Containers, after all, come with the promise of making applications easier to deploy and maintain. But […]
Mai 29, 2019
Seafile Plugin for Kopano

Kopano Partner datamate Develops Seafile Plugin for Kopano

This blog post originally appeared on (German) Great news, as of today the Seafile plugin for Kopano version 1.0 is available! The plugin combines the best from the worlds of groupware and sync & share as it integrates Seafile […]
April 17, 2019
Digital collaboration at Lernst

Digital Collaboration with Kopano at Lernstatt Paderborn

The city of Paderborn, Germany is special. Not only because of its beautiful Romanesque Cathedral, but because of its school system. Why? Nearly 20 years ago, local political decision-makers decided to take an important step towards digital collaboration. In 2000, […]
April 13, 2019

Kopano & SUSE: The Importance Of Well-Performing Enterprise Storage

Users love responsive applications. If you want to enable this kind of great user experience, you’re going to need well-performing storage. But what kind of storage? Large enterprises have several options, e.g. local attachment storage, shared network storage or S3 […]

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