Contribute to the Kopano Groupware project

Kopano Groupware is, aside from a product, an open source project. This means the source code of our products is available for everyone to review. It also means that our users -customers and the community can make contributions to Kopano Groupware. This could be by software development, but there are many other ways someone could make a meaningful contribution.

Translating Kopanos Groupware front-ends

The user interface of our Kopano Groupware is available in different languages -more languages than we speak ourselves at Kopano. If you’d like to see Kopano Groupware available in your own language, have a look at our online translation tool. You can see if translation in your language has already started and see the progress. You can request a new account in the forum and request a new language if yours is missing.


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Adding to our documentation

We try to make our products as easy as possible, but as with almost any software product it needs some documentation for the administrators and the users. All our documentation can be found on our documentation site, and you can contribute to that too.

Did you find any obstacles or missing things? Please let us know about it and propose a better text!


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Adding to our software

Adding to the Kopano Groupware software, the project and the product is still an obvious place to start. Ran into a bug? Looking for a particular feature or way to use the software which is currently not possible?

As a software developer, you can contribute to the development of all of Kopano Groupware products. Know any of C++, Python, Golang or ExtJS or React? Or one of the other languages we’re using in our product development? We primarily work in our own Bitbucket instance, but our projects are also mirrored to Github to make it easier to contribute. Some projects have additional instructions on how to contribute, please check out the and in the repositories for the most up-to-date information.


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Contribute Kopano Groupware now

If you want to contribute to Kopano Groupware, please fill out the contribution agreement before submitting you first contribution. We will send it to you when you submit this form.