Kopano Team

Kopanians from all kind of places

We are a worldwide distributed team of software developers, engineers and sales-people. Our home base is Delft in the Netherlands, two other offices are located in Hannover and Plochingen in Germany.

Andreas Rösler

Managing Director


Anyone who knows Andreas knows that he is a passionate advocate of digitally sovereign solutions for communication and collaboration. For him, the basis for digital sovereignty is open source software and the responsible use of it. Andreas‘ aspiration is to give Kopano’s customers full control over all data generated in team communication and collaboration. And to make this Data available to other Services just as easily as via cloud Services.

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Simon Eisenmann

Principal Software Architect


Simon has been a software architect and full-stack developer for 20 years. In his role as Principal Software Architect, the enthusiast for cutting-edge web technologies tries in his daily business to understand how things really work. Simon learned Linux in the 90s and has been a Linux fundamentalist ever since, standing for open source with open standards.

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Anke Pawla

Sales & Partner Management


Anke is a networker and it is a passion for her to combine puzzle pieces to let new business and new ideas evolve. She keeps the overview and her motto is: The more pieces you combine, the more fun it gets. As partner manager Anke plays in one team with our business-partners. She is also active on the board of the OSB Alliance.

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Felix Bartels

Interoperability / ISV-Management


Felix is an avid forum user, a tv and movie junkie and a fan of having the right tool for the job. Over the last ten years he has been deeply connected to our partners and customers as sales expert, professional services engineer and product-owner. His experience and analytical skill makes him the perfect Release & QA Manager. He's deeply involved with the further development of Kopano Core, the Kopano OL Extension and the Z-Push project.

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Heleen van Beek

Human Resources & Finance


A good working atmosphere and the mood of our colleagues are important to Heleen - she also takes care of this and the acquisition of new members in our team in her everyday work. Next to this she keeps an overview of our financial statements, annual accounts, incoming and outgoing payments.

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Bob Huisman

Products & Operations


Bob is a master of coordination, processes and control. As a service manager and an operations manager, he gathered valuable knowledge about security and compliance. With his focus on processes and clear definitions, he enjoys the reputation of always delivering on promises. At Kopano, Bob is the nexus between customers, partners, developers, and community when it comes to technical queries. He is responsible for the development of the Kopano clients and integrations.

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Brian Joseph

International Projects


Brian co-founded the open source groupware business Zarafa where he developed a global footprint by building a strong partnership-driven model, while maintaining an uncompromising emphasis on customer care, community and employees interests. Brian is a significant shareholder in Kopano and will be our link to extra international experience.

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Helmuth Neuberger

Special Projects


Free software has played an important role in Helmuth’s life since 1991. He was a founding member of the Linux association, LIVE, in Germany and actively participated in the foundation of the Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA). He founded his first company together with Ryan Hughes at the age of 18, then studied business administration and has since been involved in the founding of many other companies in the last 25 years. Helmuth is a shareholder and co-founder of Kopano. He has been a key member of the Zarafa and Kopano management teams for over 14 years.

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You… Yes you!

Super duper cool new colleague


We’re working on some really great stuff and we've got big plans for the future. To make those plans come true, obviously we need a skilled team, and if you are interested in joining us, please have a look at the open career opportunities at kopano.com/careers.

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