The Dates

Date - 27/28 September 2017

Location - Stadsvilla Sonsbeek

Address - Tellegenlaan 3 6814 BT Arnhem

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Geert Tichelaar says:

This is the only event I plan my holidays around; A unique opportunity to get involved with the developers and decision makers of Kopano, and meet other customers and partners.

Geert Tichelaar - Royal Boom Publishers


What’s all the fuss about?

Kopano is the fastest developing self-hosted communication platform worldwide. Kopano is where it all comes together – classical e-mail communication, self-organization, group-planning, realtime web meetings, persistent group chat, decentralized file sharing and much more. We will present to you how we are now walking the path that we have been envisioning for years!

Sponsors & Community

Day 1

Welcome lunch

Depending on the activity of your choice, you will already have been crunching for a couple of hours in the admin training, or you will just have arrived ready for some activity in the afternoon. At 13.00h we will all meet up together for a lunch at Stadsvilla Sonsbeek.

Track 1 - Cycling tour

14.00 – 17.00

Join us for an active cycling tour through national park ‘De Veluwe’ - right next door to this year’s location – and become cycling champion by winning the race to the top of the Posbank.

Track 2 - Walking + photography

14.00 – 17.00

Stadvilla Sonsbeek is situated in the most beautiful city park of the Netherlands. Therefore we are organizing a guided tour through the area are will show you some of the best photo stops along the way.

Track 3 - Administrator Training

9.00 – 17.00

The combined Administrator training 101 and 102 will cover the architecture, installation, maintenance and basic troubleshooting of a full Kopano installation. It’s a great opportunity to follow the training on site as opposed to the regular online trainings.

Track 4 - Guru session

14.00 – 17.00

You can also use your chance to have quality time with some Kopano Gurus you usually do not meet in person. Michael Kromer, Simon Eisenmann, Sebastian Kummer, and others will be available to answer all your questions.

Dinner & drinks

18.30 – 22.00

We guarantee you will have worked up an appetite from the activities in the afternoon. After checking in to the hotel for the night and perhaps some freshening up after the afternoon activities, we will start the evening with some drinks. During dinner CEO Brian Joseph will officially welcome everyone and give a sneak peek of the next day.

Day 2


During the keynotes and several other presentations we will talk a lot about our vision, our story and our development plans for the coming year. We will take you through the steps we have been taking to go towards an innovative communication company where groupware is an important, but only one of the many applications in the mix.


With all our exciting new cooperation’s, it is easy to forget about all other components of Kopano. Yet we haven’t forgotten to develop it. With over 45 releases since last year’s Conference, all our clients (WebApp, DeskApp, Z-Push and KOE) and add-ons (Files, Web Meetings, S/MIME) have improved a lot! This session will update you on the most important improvements and how this makes your working life easier.


Of course we are featuring a lot of workshops during the Conference. Think for example of a performance workshop, a theming workshop or a python-kopano workshop, where you will get hands-on with exercises and real life examples. We also have more commercial sessions, on how to exploit Mattermost functionality or how all this new stuff we’re doing helps you sell Kopano.


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A great event needs a wonderful location

Villa Sonsbeek

For this year’s Conference we have found the perfect location: Stadsvilla Sonsbeek. The villa is a monumental building situated in the most beautiful city park of the Netherlands in Arnhem. Arnhem has a brand-new train station and is an ICE stop, which makes it very accessible from the Netherlands and Germany. Are you traveling from somewhere else? You can always contact us to help you find the optimal route to the Kopano Conference 2017!

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