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Debian 9

Ubuntu 18.04

Get Kopano Meet

The below instructions required at least Docker 17.06.0 and Docker Compose 1.19.0.

Configure and fetch the Kopano Meet Container

To easily get started we are providing ready made container images for the individual components required to run Kopano Meet. First download the latest version of our docker-compose file by executing:

$ wget -O docker-compose.yml \

Along with the compose file some configuration is required. For this you can download our Meet setup script to create your own configuration file (.env):

$ wget -O \ && \
chmod +x && \

When both the docker-compose.yml and .env are in place you only need to run …

$ docker-compose up

… to fetch the images and start Meet. Once the containers have started up you can navigate to https://your-domain/ and be redirected to the Meet login.

Request your demo license key

Install your demo license key

Upload or paste your license to /etc/kopano/licenses/kopano-meet.license

For further information please check the Kopano Meet manual.