Small Business Solution

The Microsoft Small Business Server has been unavailable since 2014. Univention and Kopano are the perfect solution to fill the gap!

As a simple and centrally managed IT solution, Microsofts Small Business Server (SBS) was especially appreciated by small and medium-sized enterprises for many years.

With its discontinuation in January 2014 and the end of the support life cycle in January 2015, companies can no longer benefit from the benefits of Microsoft’s Small Business Server.

Do you still have Microsoft SBS?
Then it is high time to modernize your company communication.

Kopano/USC Bundle for SBS Replacement

In combination with an all-in-one solution from our partners, Kopano’s Groupware & Sharing software offers an optimally coordinated communication solution that is perfectly tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Your advantages:

  • Communication solution perfectly tailored to your requirements
  • Save over 50% in license costs compared to currently available Microsoft alternatives
  • It does not have to be in the cloud! Decide for yourself where your IT data is stored!
  • We give you back the control over your IT investments.



All-in-one Small Business Solution

Products in the Promotion Bundle

Kopano Basic Edition
Kopano Files Plugin

Univention Corporate Server
Base Subscription

You receive:

  • Kopano Core (core system)
  • Kopano WebApp
  • Kopano DeskApp
  • Kopano Outlook Extension
  • Kopano S/MIME Plugin
  • Kopano MDM Plugin
  • Z-Push

You receive:

  • Univention Corporate Server Operating System
  • Domain administration
  • Univention Management Console
  • Identity management

Overview of core functions:

Groupware Funktionen:

  • Email
  • Calender
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Notices
  • Public Folder
  • Outlook Support (from Outlook 2013)
  • Mobile Clients
  • Access to file shares


  • Encrypt / decrypt
  • Sign in / out
  • Remote wipe of mobile devices

Domain Services:

  • Domain Controller (AD compatibel)
  • Push server
  • File server
  • DHCP Server
  • Authentication and registration services

Management Console:

  • Users / rights management (also for Kopano)
  • UVMM – Virtualization Manager

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