Real-time team chat and video calling with Mattermost

Mattermost helps you increase your productivity through real-time chat and file sharing. Using the Kopano video plugin, you can start a video call directly from your Mattermost channel. Need more than team chat and video? Thanks to the ChatOps functionality you can easily integrate with dozens of third-party business applications.

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Live Video Calling

In addition to the functionalities you can expect from group chat software, you can now start video calls directly from your group chat channel. Kopano video calling is available as a plugin that seamlessly integrates into your Mattermost user interface.

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Connecting with ChatOps

The core principle behind Mattermost is ‘ChatOps’, which helps you connect with the systems used in your organization. The integration opportunities are impressive, with quite a few integrations readily available.

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Easy Installation

You can easily install Mattermost by either making use of the Kopano repository or download it as Docker image via Univention. Whichever option you choose, installation should only take a few minutes of your time.

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Mattermost Enterprise Edition

Already using the Mattermost Team Edition? Then why not try the 30-day Enterprise Free Trial to find out how you can apply custom branding, encrypt mobile notifications, apply two-factor authentication, set up single sign-on and much more…

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