Kopano Open Source Email

Open Source Email

Kopano email is a user-friendly, open source email client that allows you to safely communicate with your colleagues and peers.

It is available for desktop, web and mobile and can be hosted both on-premises and in the (private) cloud.

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Open Source Email - Customizable Themes

Customizable Themes

With Kopano’s themes you can easily change the look and feel of your mailbox in the WebApp web client. Just specify the pre-defined properties – e.g. primary color and logo image – in the JSON theme like and we handle the rest.

Open Source Email - Kopano Interface

Kopano Email - Resend As New

Resend Email As New

Getting tired of copy-pasting the same email over and over again when sending similar emails to different people? We got your back.

Kopano open source email allows you to edit and resend an email as new.

Delivery Pause

Delayed delivery

Delayed Delivery

A global world is great, but it can be tricky if you have to communicate with someone who lives in a different time zone.

Luckily, with Kopano you can schedule emails ahead so that people receive your messages during their business hours instead of yours.


With Kopano open source e-mail you can use S/MIME end-to-end encryption to secure your email. This prevents unauthorized access when your email is sent or stored on the server.

Secure email


The Kopano e-mail backend is modular, scalable and designed to be easily integrated with existing environments. It supports various Linux distributions, providing the maximum freedom of choice.

Kopano backend


Kopano e-mail is intuitive and easy-to-use. Because it is available on desktop, web and mobile, users work anytime, anywhere from any place.

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