Meet: Open Source Video Calling

Kopano open source video calling

Kopano Meet is the first open source video calling app that you can use on any mobile platform without having to install a separate client application.

Meet is peer-to-peer encrypted. You can host Meet on-premises or in the (private) cloud.

Meet demo

Kopano Meet - video calling from any device

Video Calls From Any Device

Because Kopano Meet is based on WebRTC, you can open it from any device. It includes high-definition video and audio, one-to-one video calling, group calls and screensharing.

One of the first new features on the roadmap is the webinar functionality.

Kopano Meet - progressive web app

Runs Without Client Application

We built Kopano Meet as a Progressive Web App (PWA). This means that while behaving just like regular web applications, you can use Meet on mobile device platforms such as Android or iOS, without the need to install a separate client application.

Communicate on your terms - Kopano Meet

Kopano OpenID Connect - open source video calling

Communication On Your Terms

Meet is one of the few video calling applications that can be hosted on premises, allowing you to keep your data under control.

In addition, you can use OpenID Connect (Kopano Konnect) to easily sign in to Meet and other Kopano applications.

WebRTC Screensharing

To facilitate screensharing in Meet, we enabled the Chrome WebRTC Screensharing feature. A built-in screensharing functionality for Meet is on the roadmap for 2020.

Group Calls

Making group calls in Meet is easy. Just create a public group and share the link with your invitees. You can host group calls up to eight participants.

Secure Communication

Both WebRTC and PWA offer maximum security. PWAs because they have to be served from https, and WebRTC because of its secure architecture.