1. Avatar anonymous says:

    You will never be on par with Skype for Business or Teams, if you only provide video conferences. Skype for Business (and now Teams) replace the whole PBX in big companies. Just look at Audi, BMW, Bosch, SAP…

    User don’t want to fiddle with this client for that, other client for this and so on. I’m also in a company who use Skype for Business and it only becomes the defacto Standard because it isn’t good at all in specific tasks, but it’s one client programm for *all* collaboration. I never have a single chance if I suggest Kopano because of this reason.

    Also, video conferences don’t just happens on the Desktop or Tablet only, but also with room systems like Lifesize. Where is the integration for Kopano Meet?

    Then I must see half backed “integrations” like Mattermost. It feels like an foreign body in Kopano.

    Know your enemy, have a look how users in big companies work with Skype for Business, Lifesize and the others…

    • Toos Stoker Toos Stoker says:

      Thank you for your honest comment.

      Making integrations possible, and creating a seamless experience for our users is very important, and we are working on improving these things in Kopano too :).

      But we also see a growing interest in software that allows users to manage their data locally, or review and extend the software themselves. We try to make Kopano an effective tool for those users who prefer not to or can’t use closed source software like Skype for Business.