Meet our easy to use communication tools

Enhance your productivity with Kopano

WebApp provides all the familiar email, shared calendar and contact features on the web. Enhance your productivity with the integrated interface where everything is only a single click away. DeskApp pulls this to the desktop and helps by integrating with the operating system and applications you use daily.

Mobile synchronization ensures that all this information is also available (offline) on the road and on your mobile phone. Your Outlook client can be used with the Kopano Outlook Extension.

Working together with Kopano’s integrated add-ons

Integration with add-ons in WebApp and DeskApp enables teams to work together beyond traditional business email. The Web Meetings add-on provides high quality video meetings directly from the browser, without the need for a plugin. Files for Teams enables access to your files anywhere and provides sharing features from shared storage services (within your organization).

S/MIME provides additional email security and authenticity by implementing digital signatures and end-to-end encryption.

Our recent integration with Mattermost helps you and your teams work together by delivering real-time chat in team-based communication channels.

Kopano Core – easy to integrate with your existing systems

Kopano Core is the heart of the platform – the backend that runs all processes behind the clients. It provides choice and control for the system administrator by integrating in your existing environment. Pick your own MTA, determine where attachments are stored or where your users and groups are managed (e.g. Active Directory, LDAP or in the database).

Kopano Archiver helps you to offload old data from your primary server to a different storage system; this ensures better performance for the primary server.


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