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The volume of incoming emails is growing at most organisations, where most mailbox quotas will not be increased. Most users organise and archive emails then to PST files or alternative storage types to keep their mailbox clean. By implementing Kopano Archiver, older emails can be stored on centrally located archive servers, where the archive database is typically operated on slower, cheaper but larger storage.

Storing aged data on a different system results in smaller mailboxes of the primary server and therefore delivers an even better performing primary server. Providing the ability to setup dynamic archiving policies, namely copying, stubbing, deleting and purging, Kopano Archiver enables enterprise archiving functionality that matches many standard archiving requirements.


Seamless user experience

Kopano Core actively connects to Kopano Archiver nodes by using multi-server technology. This transparent implementation of the archiving capability provides a seamless experience to users, for example by attaching the archive store automatically to the user’s inbox/connecting client. By using stubs – references of messages in the primary store with original messages effectively stored in the archive store – you can easily keep track of your archived data.

ACL and support for extended features

To allow for access to archives used by shared mailboxes, ACL’s must be available on the archive store as well to provide the users with adequate permissions. With the utilities included with Kopano Archiver, it is possible to set & sync ACL’s as well as transparently restoring stubbed objects back to a primary store. With multiple policy configurations, system administrators can easily deploy and execute an organisational lifecycle to the mail data by staging and cleaning data based on company policies.

Kopano Archiver also provides

Cleanup and forced storage functionality

Kopano Archiver can be configured to entirely clean-up or keep archived emails if their reference stub email from the primary store has been deleted. This provides automatic “housekeeping” functionality to keep archive stores in a solid reference state.

Automatic archive and store creation

Based on the user configuration from the user directory, Kopano Archiver can automatically create and attach an archiver store, additionally also providing this store to the user with an archiver run.

Staged archiving phases

The archiver phases provide a staged process from archive copy (safety of storage) to stubbing (primary store offload) to deleted (removal from primary store) to purge (full deletion) – effectively providing email lifecycle management.


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