Kopano Core

Kopano Core provides the solid foundation for groupware messaging enabling rich clients such as Kopano WebApp, Kopano DeskApp, mobile and sync clients. With its modular architecture, Kopano Core hereby enables the possibility for a variety of setup scenarios, scalable from a very low powered system to a multi-datacentre setup providing messaging capabilities to tens of thousands of users.

You have control over your data anytime and anywhere: on-premises or in the private/hybrid cloud. It is designed to be easy to integrate with existing environments and its modular architecture contributes to built-in scalability and high availability options. Kopano Core, a 100% MAPI compatible backend provides the architecture for industry-leading features such as ACL’s, meetings requests, advanced calendaring and presence.


Modular Architecture, ease of integration

With its the modular architecture, Kopano Core delivers the ability to setup state of the art tailored setups, allowing a configuration matching your needs ranging from simple to clustered, geographically distributed installations with hundreds of thousands of users.

Integration options for any LDAPv3-based user directory (including Active Directory, openLDAP, eDirectory) and the ability to work with your choice of any infrastructural components such as MTAs or Webservers provide the maximum freedom of choice.


Compatibility, high availability & scalability

Kopano Core provides efficient multi-server technology to seamlessly scale up to as many users as you require. Combining the modularity of Kopano Core components with cluster technologies such as Pacemaker delivers the possibility for high available setups which are able to provide up to five nines (99,999%) availability. With support for any major Linux distribution, Kopano Core runs with the system environment of your choice.

Kopano Core also includes


Kopano search is the robust built-in search engine core allowing high-speed search results and delivers enterprise search features such as suggestions to clients which allow this extensive feature-set, such as Kopano WebApp or Kopano DeskApp.

Backup & Restore

Kopano Backup offers highly performing brick-level backup of mailboxes including extended configuration data such as WebApp settings and rules. Inline compression, support for incremental backups and backup threading brings down its feature-set to a round figure.

Security & Privacy

The state-of-the-art SSL-implementation of Kopano Core supports any flavour of data channel protection with up to TLSv1.2, allowing configurable ciphers including support for extended properties such as PFS (perfect forward secrecy) to protect communication long-term.

Public Store

With the public store, if required also with the ability to be set-up on a separate node, Kopano Core can share common information such as contact folders and calendars available in the entire organisation.

Shared stores

Kopano Core provides extended shared store capabilities with respect of defined ACLs and folder types, such as E-Mail, Calendars and Contacts.

Authentication & SSO

SSO with Kerberos and integration options with enterprise security products such as Shibboleth provide extended capabilities for integration in security-sensitive environments.

Resources & Meeting request processing

Kopano Core understands resource management with rooms and equipment – combined with automatic meeting request processing, resource management is a breeze.

Quotas & monitoring

With the implementation of three quota levels, Kopano Core allows administrative management of data growth. Kopano Monitor informs users on their quota usage, allowing self-management of their mailbox.

Multi-tenant capability

Having multi-tenancy built-in provides the ideal environment to set-up multiple isolated tenants ideal for hosted usage, including separated global address book and public folders.


The optional usage of presence information delivers a rich communication experience to receive and provide user availability information to clients.


With C++, Python and PHP interfaces and extra python plugin frameworks at delivery and transmit time of messages, Kopano Core provides extended integration options for a vast amount of use cases.


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