File sharing in WebApp

Files boosts your productivity by allowing you to use your existing storage solutions right from the WebApp interface. You can work together on files and projects, with team members both in- and outside of your organisation.

The advanced driver backend allows you to leverage the sharing features of your storage solution while allowing you to stay in control of who can access your content.


Files integrated with mail

Files integrates perfectly with all the email and calendaring features WebApp has to offer. Creating a new email with the latest version of a presentation is easy: it can be done in just a few clicks without having to download it first.

Storing an incoming file is just as easy. Any attachment can be saved to your existing company network storage where it can be shared with your co-workers. And it works from any browser, anywhere.

Keep control

It is easy to share files and folders using your existing storage tools such as ownCloud. With Files you can browse through your folders and stay in control of who has access to shared data, all without switching to a different application.

And when someone shares a file or folder with you, you can work on it straight from the WebApp interface.

Transfer large files

Kopan - Download files

Sending large email attachments can be a hassle. Currently in research and development for Kopano Files is assistance to transfer these big files to any recipient.

You will be able to ‘send’ attachments without filling up mailboxes and overloading email servers. WebApp with Files helps you leverage storage solutions you already have available to make these attachments available to recipients using a web link.

Files also includes

Directly attach files

Instantly create a new email with an attachment directly from your shared storage

Network storage

Access your SMB and CIFS shares from any location using the WebApp interface

Advanced sharing

A single interface gives access to advanced sharing features provided by different storage services

Store files instantly

Store attachments to department shares without having to download them first

WebDAV support

Built-in WebDAV support allows connection to many modern and frequently used storage services

OwnCloud support

Leverage the advanced sharing features of OwnCloud without leaving the WebApp interface


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