Kopano Outlook Extension

We live in a world where it is a commodity to work with apps or web interfaces – just have a look at the big amounts of HTML5-apps on your tablets and smartphones. However, there are situations in which a rich application is needed. Think about working offline during a five hour flight or deeper integrations like writing series of letters in your Office suite.

This is exactly why we developed the Kopano Outlook Extension (KOE). If you are on the road a lot and thus without an internet connection, or if you rely heavily on specialised plugins in Outlook, then the Kopano OL Extension might just be the thing for you.

Kopano Outlook Extension

Opening Shared Folders

The KOE provides an easy way to open shared folders and calendars of your colleagues inside Outlook. These folders will then be synchronised to your local Outlook profile so you can access them at any time. Since mailboxes tend to be rather large, you can even select/deselect exactly which of your colleagues’ folders you want to keep with you.


Offline access

Your local changes will always be synchronised to your server and every new e-mail will be delivered to your client. Also when you have a flaky connection inside a train, or during a long offline period on a plane.

ActiveSync is a protocol that was originally designed to easily connect mobile devices – such as handheld devices and later smartphones and tablets – to your groupware server. Therefore synchronising emails, contacts, calendars, etc. lies at the heart of this protocol; even over very weak and unreliable connections.

Kopano Outlook Extension also includes

Reply/Forward flags

The Kopano OL Extension enables you to see which emails you’ve already responded to.

The Global Address Book (GAB)

Have a local copy of your GAB always with you. The GAB also allows you to lookup free/busy data while planning appointments.


Set your out-of-office notification in Outlook before going on a holiday. KOE will also remind you to disable it when you login to Outlook the next time.

Send-as and Delegation

Just like in WebApp you can update your “From Address” to send a mail on behalf of your colleague. For shared folders, KOE will even do so automatically.

Easily open WebApp from within Outlook

For everything you just cannot do in Outlook, we have added a small “Open WebApp” button into the Outlook ribbon, which will take you right to your favourite web based email client.


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