Messaging with Mattermost

Mattermost helps you and your teams increase productivity by delivering real-time chat in team-based communication channels. It provides the ability to securely share information, files and content from dozens of your commonly used business applications instantly.

Using DeskApp, a browser or an app on your mobile: real-time communication is now available without compromising privacy or control of your data.

Mattermost is the number one open source Slack alternative, and the integration in Kopano marks another major step in Kopano’s mission to deliver a seamless communication and sharing experience across all devices from one unified, self-hosted platform under your control.

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Integration in Kopano

Mattermost is made available within Kopano’s DeskApp with a specialized plugin, which enables you to use any version of Mattermost in your communication and sharing systems. Currently in research and development are further integration options between Kopano and Mattermost, which will help you share Kopano objects (such as email, calendar items or contacts) in a Mattermost channel.

Stay connected with ChatOps

The core principle behind Mattermost is ‘ChatOps’, which helps you stay in touch with systems in your organization. Think of a channel for software developers and staying updated on fresh code committed to a version control system; or a network operations team being kept up to date on the status of a datacenter; or a sales or financial system posting newly invoiced revenue reports directly to the finance team.

The integration opportunities are enormous, and quite a few integrations are already available!


Working together is easier when everyone has access to all updated information. Mattermost makes it easy to start a conference call or share file content with your team in a channel or with an individual via direct message. Dragging and dropping a file on the ‘channel’ you want to share with is all there is to it. Shared files are available in the channel history through the web interface and on your mobile apps and devices. You can you can search through them for easy access.

Mattermost also includes

Team communication

Direct communication about what matters to anyone in your teams. Instant communication with searchable history.

Direct messaging

In addition to great team communication features, one-on-one direct messaging is also supported by Mattermost.

Push to mobile

Mattermost comes with native mobile apps for popular platforms that allow instant interaction with your teams, wherever you are.


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