Mobile access

Bring your email, calendars and contacts with you, wherever you go! Z-Push makes it possible to sync your mobile device throughout the day so you stay on top of your work while you are on the road.

You can not only synchronize the company’s address book, but also schedule meetings and reply to your emails or view attachments from your phone. No additional apps are required!


Stay up to date on the road

mobile inbox

Use your mobile device to find that one important email with address details for your next meeting. Or send out a meeting request while you are on the road.

Your data will always be in reach with Z-Push. You can even query the company contact lists to your phone. Convenience at its best, we would say.

Groupware features

Easy setup and usability


You don’t have to go through long manuals or install any additional apps. Z-Push’s auto-discover feature directly lets you add your work profile(s), you only need to provide your email address and password. All profiles will sync immediately with the apps on your phone like email, calendars and contact lists.

Z-Push is an open source implementation that speaks the ActiveSync language, thé industry standard when it comes to mobile compatibility. This means for example that the native device’s UI is used to present your work profile(s).

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Mobile Device Management

Thanks to Z-Push, Kopano’s customers have been able to make use of email, calendaring and contacts on their mobile devices for quite a while. Administrators need to keep track of all of these devices, while users are demanding more insight in and control over their information and devices as well.

Z-Push and WebApp provide basic MDM functionality, but it also plays nicely with third party MDM solutions. The MDM plugin provides a list of all devices associated with an account on a Z-Push server. You can check the most recent connection time, resync a device, wipe it remotely, and remove old devices from the configuration with one click.

Mobility also means

Auto-discover settings

Setup has never been so easy, all you need is your email address and password

Working out of the box

Z-Push is natively supported on almost all mobile devices; you won’t even have to install any additional apps!




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