Meet online with Web Meetings

Meet online with unparalleled video and audio quality, right within WebApp. Use presentation mode to increase your team’s productivity, or simply sharing your screen to get everyone looking at the same document.

See who’s online and start an online meeting or chat at the click of a button. Invite external participants to your web meeting via an email or directly from the meeting request. They only need a browser to join your meeting.

Inbox + webmeeting

Catch every expression

With Web Meetings it’s as if you’re meeting face to face. Web Meetings offers high definition audio and video quality which helps you catch every word and see every expression of every meeting participant.

Web Meetings is an integral part of WebApp, so getting started is easy. There is no need to install a plugin, even when you’re the host of the meeting!

Share information

Spread the word by giving your presentation as an online conference, use file sharing to make sure everyone’s looking at the same information, or enhance your productivity by sharing your screen with all other participants in your call.

Your virtual meeting room also supports file transfers, both to individuals as well as to the entire group. The chat feature is great for quick comments or a short one-on-one discussion.

Invitations are a breeze

Web Meetings is easy to use whether you’re the organizer or a participant. Thanks to the integration with WebApp you can instantly add a meeting by clicking a button when writing an email or replying to one.

Scheduling a web meeting is just as easy as any other meeting: click the button and the Web Meetings plugin will create your virtual meeting room and add the instructions for the participants to your meeting invitation.

Web Meetings also includes

File transfer

Securely share any file from your local system with other meeting participants

Secure communication

All Web Meetings con­nections are peer-to-peer, making your com­munication safe

HD video and audio quality

Web Meetings offers unparalleled audio and video quality

No plugin required to meet

You don’t need a plugin to use Web Meetings, it is ready to go straight from the browser

Setting up a meeting is easy

Add a web meeting to your email conversation or meeting request with just one click

See who’s available

With the presence feature in WebApp, your inbox shows who’s online at any time

Start a meeting instantly

Start your online meeting or initiate a chat with any online colleague

Start a quick chat

Text chat is available in a public meeting room, or one-on-one for when you just need to ask a quick question


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