Kopano Dashboard

The Dashboard helps our partners and customers see how their installations are performing. The first beta version was introduced in the fourth quarter of 2015 and it took the first steps towards that goal.

It can provide an overview of your installed systems. It also provides several key metrics that indicate the health and performance of your system. System administrators and partners can use this information to get a better grip on performance improvement opportunities.

kopano dashboard

Organisation & Health status

The dashboard provides ‘customer management capabilities’ for partners, giving insight into the organisations for whom they manage Kopano installations. The support ticket system and documentation tools are integrated in the dashboard. Together with new (to be introduced) features like system and installation health overview this can help our support and professional services teams help you more efficiently.

How will Dashboard help me in the future

The Kopano Dashboard will be the primary method of getting in touch with the Kopano team. Getting an overview of your customers and their status, accessing documentation, the support team or even purchasing new subscriptions and add-ons: everything will become accessible through the dashboard.

The dashboard is designed to help partners help their customers. Based on the information it collects combined with the experience of our support & professional services teams, the dashboard can recommend improvements to your installations and prompt you about customer-specific updates. It will be the easiest way to contact the support teams and provide a lot of information needed in a few clicks.