Kopano WebApp

WebApp provides all the familiar email, advanced calendaring and contacts features you need to be productive. It helps you by providing an overview of what matters to you, whether this is your incoming email, your weekly schedule or the contact details of that person you really need to call.

Mobile synchronization helps ensure that all this important information is also available on the road.


Advanced calendaring

Delegation lets you use your time as effectively as possible. Keep an overview of your team’s schedules with WebApp’s advanced calendaring features.

Planning meetings is also easy. Choose the participants and WebApp will find a time that fits everyone’s schedule. Need a meeting room? Add it to the schedule and make sure it is booked.

Manage your contacts

Kopano contacts

Have your contacts available anywhere. WebApp keeps track of everyone who’s important to you, and its business card overview makes it easy to search and view their details.

Conctacts are available on your smartphones and tablets with natively supported synchronization tools: no need to install an app!

Kopano Core also includes

Mailbox sharing

Mailboxes shared within your team can be added to WebApp alongside your personal mailboxes

Power paste

Retain layout and markup of your content when pasting from other applications

Advanced meeting scheduler

WebApp can help you check the schedules of your co-workers to plan the best time slot for your meetings

Shared calendars

Share your personal and team calendars within your company to help everyone stay up to date 

Integration tools

WebApp’s plugin framework allows for many kinds of integration with other products