Why Kopano

Your business deserves great software

Here are five out of many reasons why you should pick Kopano as your company’s collaboration suite: Kopano is a scalable and flexible, fully integrated solution stack. It is 100% open source and cost-efficient. For its customers Kopano offers enterprise support.

Kopano Multi Cloud

Multi-cloud Availability

Scalable and Flexible

Kopano has a modular, scalable architecture which is compatible with cloud platforms like OpenStack, Kubernetes, AWS and Azure, containerized solutions like Docker and a broad variety of open source Linux distributions.

With Kopano you also have the benefit of multi-cloud availability which means you can run parts of your software distributed over multiple clouds. A major advantage of such a multi-cloud setting is that synchronization between clouds is not essential for a functional environment.

kopano cost effective



As Kopano is based on leading, state-of-the-art open source components like MySQL, MariaDB databases and Apache Webservices, Kopano customers benefit from an up-to-date, secure, reliable, scalable and cost-efficient software stack.

Where closed source licenses grant you the right to use software during a defined period of time, Kopano’s subscription models give you continuous access to all released and QA-ed software updates. In addition, Kopano allows you to directly influence the development of new features.


Integrated Solution Stack

We develop and maintain our own Groupware solution and our progressive web app for video, ‘Meet’.

In addition we offer supported integrations with various leading open source applications like ownCloud, Nextcloud, Mattermost, OnlyOffice and LibreOffice Online.

Open Source Kopano

Full Data Ownership

100% Open Source

Organizations benefit from the freedom and flexibility provided by Kopano’s open source strategy. Leading Linux distributions are committed to Kopano because our enterprise-level collaboration functionalities are in line with the guidelines of the Free Software Foundation.

Kopano’s proven commitment to open source results in true vendor-independence as organizations are free to move (back) to the open source code at any time. Because our software is open source you have full ownership of your business data, whether you run your software in the (private) cloud, on-premises or both.

Kopano Enterprise

Personal Approach

Enterprise Support

We want you to be satisfied when installing, maintaining or using our software. That is why we strive to provide you with the best possible support.

Because personal communication is important to us, we keep the lines of interaction short. Our support engineers are always ready to help you find the best solutions to the challenges you face.