August 9, 2018

Matterbridge: Bridging Mattermost to Chat and ChatOps

At Kopano we have been developing packages to easily install and update Mattermost for quite some time now. For those using the Univention Corporate Server (UCS) we maintain an app that sets up Mattermost and configures it for you automatically. But what if you […]
August 8, 2018

Kopano Releases July 2018

Kopano OL Extension 2.0 (RC) Not yet a final, but worth a special mention is the release candidate for the 2.0 version of the Kopano Outlook Extension. Based on experience and feedback of our customers we have made some changes […]
Juli 10, 2018

Kopano Releases June 2018

Kopano WebApp 3.4.16 WebApp 3.4.16 provides many improvements that are relevant for both user and administrator (and even for developers!). Users were occasionally hit by unclear error messages such as ‚Could not save message‘. The new version of WebApp now […]
Juni 21, 2018

Kopano Releases May 2018

Kopano WebApp 3.4.13, 3.4.14, 3.4.15 WebApp has seen three releases in the month of May, taking additional steps into the direction of a WebApp 3.5 release. One of the main improvements in these releases is the ability to import emails (in […]
Mai 15, 2018

Kopano Releases April 2018

A bit later than you’re used from us, but here is the overview of April’s releases. Read more about all the fixes and improvements made in Kopano Core, WebApp and Z-Push in this blog. Kopano Groupware Core 8.5.x Kopano Core […]
April 19, 2018

Kopano Groupware Core 8.5.8: Vulnerability fixes and more (updated)

Kopano Groupware Core 8.5.8 Update (2018-04-20): We have released Kapano Core 8.5.8 after receiving feedback from partners and implementing fixes. The kopano-dbadm tool could not clean the database in multi-server setups with duplicate entries in the „properties“ table. The updated […]
April 12, 2018

Pakete für LibreOffice Online von Kopano sind jetzt zum Download verfügbar

DELFT, 12. April 2018 – Kopano hat heute bekannt gegeben, dass seine ersten LibreOffice Online Pakete verfügbar sind. Als neues Mitglied im Beirat der The Document Foundation (TDF) verfolgt auch Kopano das Ziel, die Reichweite von LibreOffice zu erweitern. Mit […]
April 9, 2018

Kopano Releases March 2018

It’s this year’s third release blog already. Last month’s highlights: a lot of WebApp releases and serious work done by the Z-Push team. Read further for more details. Z-Push 2.4.0 After some serious development and testing, the Z-Push team has […]
März 8, 2018

Kopano Releases February 2018

In this year’s second release blog, we have a lot of cool things to announce. From Kopano Konnect to the new versions of WebApp. We have not been idle. Do you want to know exactly what we did? Do not […]
Februar 8, 2018

Kopano Releases in January 2018

In January too, the Kopano team worked hard to improve the Kopano collaboration stack. Interested to learn what we did in the past few weeks? Read everything you need to know about the latest Kopano releases on this blog.   […]
Februar 7, 2018

A first look at the new Kopano Web Meetings

Today we would like to show you the first alpha release of the new Kopano Web Meetings. Kopano Web Meetings was redesigned from scratch and now consists of a small server-side daemon and an accompanying plugin for Mattermost. The first alpha allows one-to-one video calls and will be extended over the coming months.
Januar 17, 2018

Kopano Groupware Core & Archiver 8.5 RC is now available

Kopano Groupware Core provides the Groupware functionality of the Kopano stack and in most cases sits at the heart of every Kopano environment. It is therefore a key figure in our promise to deliver stability and extensibility of Kopano’s proven […]