Previous webinars

Kopano in moving pictures

From time to time we invite to webinars in which we explain not only our tools and products, but also the ideas behind them or how we got there. The recordings of some of these webinars can be found here.

Self-host your own video meetings server with Kopano Meet

Apr 15th 2020

In this webinar, Felix will show how easily Kopano Meet can be installed and used as an appliance based on Univention. The video also includes a short tour of the Kopano Meet user app.

Guided tour through the Kopano Meet App

Apr 15th 2020

In this excerpt from a webinar, Felix invites you on a guided tour of the Kopano Meet app. This is a progressive web app - so it's available on every Meet server.

Kopano Meet: Features And Use

Oct 8th 2019

In this recording of a webinar, Bob introduces the new Kopano Meet 1.0. It includes a sneak preview of upcoming features in Meet and other apps.

Use cases for Kopano Konnect

Aug 2nd 2019

In this 45-minute webinar, Felix talks about use cases for Kopano Konnect, our OpenID Connect service. It connects (not only) Kopano applications to your identity provider.

How to install Kopano Meet

Jul 4th 2019

In this 30-minute webinar, Felix will show how to add Kopano Meet to an existing Kopano groupware installation.

Kopano Update: About Kopano Meet and Docker

May 10th 2019

In this 55-minute webinar, Felix gives an update on the state of development at Kopano Meet. He also talks about how Kopano can be run in a docker container.

Dockerizing Kopano

May 10th 2019

In this excerpt from a webinar, Felix talks about the dockerization of Kopano. We build on a community project and adjust some things.

New App plannings: Future versions of meet, calendar & Co.

Feb 26th 2019

Bob talks about our plans to display components like Meet, Calendar, Email, Contacts and more in our own apps.