Previous webinars

Kopano in moving pictures

From time to time we invite to webinars in which we explain not only our tools and products, but also the ideas behind them or how we got there. The recordings of some of these webinars can be found here.

New App plannings: selecting JavaScript frameworks

Feb 25th 2019

Which JavaScript framework should we use for our new apps? In this excerpt from a webinar, Bob explains the decisions we made.

New app plannings: UI Frameworks for Kopano apps

Feb 25th 2019

Which of the popular UI frameworks does Kopano use for their newest apps? This video explains the what and why of the new progressive web applications we're building.

New app plannings: Progressive WebApps

Feb 21st 2019

Kopano is building new Progressive WebApps (PWA's). What is a PWA and why do you want us to build PWA's? This video provides the explanation!

Kopano API: inspired by MS Graph

Feb 21st 2019

Felix gives a short pitch on the Kopano API, which was inspired by Microsoft Graph.


Feb 21st 2019

Felix gives a short pitch to Kopano Core 8.7 with the new RestAPI.

Pitching Kopano Konnect

Feb 21st 2019

Felix gives a short pitch for Kopano Connect: It's time to 'login with Kopano' into your service.

The evolution of Webmeetings to Meet

Feb 20th 2019

In this excerpt from a webinar, Felix compares the new Kopano Meet with the old Kopano web meetings.