april, 2019

1apr - 5All DaySUSECON(All Day)

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Kopano and Ceph – High available – High Scalable groupware & data platform –

Michael will show how to build a cloud service with Ceph, MySQL group replication and the corresponding Kopano functionality that provides 100.000 users with files, calendar data, contact data and email. 800 TB of data distributed on a multiserver architecture as well as being redundantly mirrored between two data centers. Using S3 protocol with rados as backend for attachments and file storage at the same time as the environment providing true scalability by containers shows a dynamic and highly scalable setup ready for some serious work. Providing high availability and scalability with extra components such as haproxy and Pacemaker are included as well. Technologically Kopano works here together with SUSE and owncloud.

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