kopano on a virtual machine

Virtual Machine

Some Kopano partners have developed an easier way to deploy and manage your Kopano software by providing their own operating system with a web interface to install and update software or manage users and settings.

Kopano on Univention

Univention is an operating system that comes with an easy to use web interface and an extensive app store. You can get Kopano Groupware Core, WebApp, Z-Push and a Kopano built Mattermost app in a Docker image. Univention can be installed as a virtual machine on KVM, VMware and VirtualBox.

Go To Univention App Store Mattermost on Univention App Store

Kopano on ClearOS

ClearCenter has built ClearOS, an operating system that can be managed through a web interface. To get started with Kopano on ClearOS, check out the installation instructions here. After you’ve set up ClearOS you can download the Kopano app from the ClearCenter Marketplace.

Go To ClearOS Marketplace


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