Transparent Document Sharing with LibreOffice Online and Kopano

September 26, 2017

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Today we announced we will integrate LibreOffice online in our collaboration software suite. The integration means Kopano users will be able to work on the same files at the same time, whenever and wherever they like. The Kopano branded version of LibreOffice Online will be included in Kopano Documents.

What are our plans with LibreOffice Online

To help establish LibreOffice Online as a standard technology for open enterprises, Kopano will join The Document Foundation Advisory Board. We want to do our part in reaching this goal and contribute towards the following areas:

Further improve the user interaction
The user interface and specifically the user interaction is one of our strong points. With our Kopano stack, we have always taken care that our applications are easy to understand and use and we are confident we can continue to do so for LibreOffice Online.

Package access
In todays’ high-speed world, an easy way to get started is key. We want to ensure the Kopano-branded LibreOffice Online installable packages will be easily available for a variety of Linux distributions – making it simple to start using LibreOffice Online and making it easy to stay up to date with the latest version.

File format compatibility
We find it important to provide our users a friction-free experience with our products. We are going to invest time into file format compatibility, which will help in getting a seamless experience with LibreOffice Online in Kopano – regardless of the editor they already use on their desktop.

LibreOffice Online in Kopano Documents

Kopano Documents is currently in the first stages of its development. It will be a service that glues the existing storage solutions and the Kopano branded LibreOffice online together. Where possible, we‘ll make use of modern technology like OpenID Connect for authentication.

Kopano Documents will be available for everyone, whether you are a Kopano Groupware user or not.

Download the Kopano Roadmap if you want to learn more about Kopano Documents