Kopano Active Directory Extension 1.0 final released

December 16, 2016

During our conference we have announced to make available an Active Directory (AD) extension, which we are happy to release today as final.

Kopano AD Extension provides the ability to manage Kopano objects directly from the native “Active Directory Users and Computers” MMC-based management utility, which most administrators are used to with managing objects in Active Directory.

What is in this release?

This release provides the ability to manage any from Kopano Core usable object:

  • Kopano Users
  • Kopano Groups
  • Kopano Addresslists
  • Kopano Dynamic Distribution Lists
  • Kopano Computers (For usage with Multi-Server support)
  • Kopano Companies (For usage with Multi-Company support)

Next to these objects, we also provide the ability to modify Zarafa objects by a registry setting which administrators can set to easily migrate Zarafa environments to Kopano.

In this first version we have included translations for English, Dutch and German.

You can find the packages at the usual location: the portal and the download server. As AD Extension is being part of Kopano Core, we have updated the corresponding documentation!

What has changed with the final release

As promised during beta, we now provide the ability to modify multiple objects at the same time to allow easy modification of multiple objects all at the same time. Next to that we’ve done quite some code cleanup and now also allow the installation also on non-schema masters (providing the MMC plugin to other workstations as well). A big thank you goes out to the early beta testers – fortunately we’ve heard a lot of positive feedback and no downsides as of yet which is why we are confident next to all QA to release this package now as final. As mentioned already in the beta phase, the schema was already rock-solid before and did not require any update between beta and final.

What is next?

Very soon we are going to provide a package which allows the usage of the MMC plugin with Samba 4 AD controllers. This way also Samba 4 AD installations will be able to be extended and managed with Kopano AD Extension.

Got feedback?

Let us know! Contact our support team, send an email to  or open a forum topic.