Kopano Core & Archiver 8.3.2 final is now available

July 6, 2017

As the name implies Kopano Core sits at the heart of every Kopano environment and is therefore a key figure in our promise to deliver stability and extensibility of Kopano’s proven communication platform. Kopano Archiver provides a way to minimize primary mailboxes by moving older messages to slower (and presumably cheaper) storage. Kopano Archiver consists of additional components that allow running Kopano servers dedicated on slower storage for archived messages whilst keeping them available transparently to the user.

Bugfix release

In version 8.3.2 we provide selected bugfixes, which have been reported by customers to us within the last days. Specifically, the following fixes have been made:

  • core: ics on large folder (130k+ items) fails
  • caldav: Apple mac clients and thunderbird can not sync calender anymore after update to 8.3.0
  • gateway: Mac cannot display mutli-part mails
  • inetmapi: crash in spooler with group resolve
  • server/spooler: self-kill is not succeeding
  • gateway: encoded subjects are emitted wrongly, imap clients won’t show content

ICS limitation is now gone

While it is very uncommon to have it, some of our customers have hit a certain limit from gSOAP, which is utilized for our transport. With the recent versions of gSOAP, the default array size has been limited to one hundred thousand elements. Effectively this resulted in problems with backup and search with MAPI folder with more than 100.000 E-Mails. While we do not endorse the use of Mailbox-Folders with such amounts of objects, we have lifted the limitation.

Group resolving issue

Due to refactoring work an error has slipped through which resulted in a crash under special circumstances with delivering to distribution or security groups.

Mac fixes

With 8.3.2 we have restored full Gateway and CalDAV functionality which was required due to also some changes with the behavior with recent releases from Apple.

Debian 9.0 with Kopano 8.4.0, for now “limited support”

The Debian 9 release is very fresh, but we already received quite some requests for packages for it. While we are already building packages for Debian 9, these have not yet passed a full QA set and therefore cannot be fully supported by us. For those who are ancious to get started anyways we have in any case already included them with our “limited” supported repository. This can be accessed from https://download.kopano.io/limited/core:/final/Debian_9.0/.

We are straight on the path to deliver Debian 9.0 packages for 8.4.0 final.

Where do I get the packages?

The packages can be found in the repositories, the portal and the download server (all require login). You can find the latest development version of Kopano Core on the community download site.

We are really looking forward to your feedback on this version as this will help us further improve and adapt Kopano Core and Kopano Archiver to fit the required needs best. Let us know what you think by sending an email to , or posting over at our new Kopano Forum.