Kopano Releases February 2018

March 8, 2018

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In this year’s second release blog, we have a lot of cool things to announce. From Kopano Konnect to the new versions of WebApp. We have not been idle. Do you want to know exactly what we did? Do not stop reading!

Kopano Konnect

Konnect is a new project that implements an OpenID (Connect) provider. It can be used to allow users to authenticate to applications that support the standard in a secure way. That is: without having to share their password, ánd while keeping control of what data is shared with the application. Support for the OpenID Connect standard is growing quickly: many applications have introduced support using a plugin or by including it in their core products.

Kopano Konnect already supports multiple sources of user information. Currently, it works with Kopano Groupware Core, LDAP and Active Directory. Even though there is still a lot of development going on in Konnect, it can (and we encourage) that you give it a test-drive. What applications and services are you to using with Konnect?

Click here to read more about Konnect.

Kopano Core 8.5

Kopano Core 8.5 is now final. We made performance improvements in many components within Kopano (e.g. gateway) and related (MySQL). Kopano Core 8.6 has already seen its RC release and focuses on manageability by giving system administrators the possibility to configure access to WebApp as a Kopano feature.

Users now also get the possibility to set Out of Office dependent rules. This new option was contributed to Kopano by community user ‘umgfoin’. Awesome!

For more information check out the changelog

Kopano Releases - WebApp

WebApp 3.4.6, 3.4.7

In February, the WebApp team released versions 3.4.6 and 3.4.7. Along with a bunch of bug fixes reported by our customers and the community, we worked on new major features that help you import and export your data (such as emails and contacts) to and from WebApp. On the usability front, we introduced improved highlighting of active components, which is especially useful when using the keyboard to control the application.

Another large and frequently requested improvement that has been introduced in version 3.4.7 is the displaying of additional information in search results (such as the folder where we found your item). By the way, did you see our updated background image on the login page?

For more information check out the changelog

Smaller Releases

The new version of Kopano Web Meetings fixes a few behavioural issues of the iframe in WebApp and introduces official Debian 9 packages in the repositories.

DeskApp 1.7 has been released in February, fixing some customer reported issues with behaviour in specific server configurations. If you’re running DeskApp full screen on a Mac, the ESC key now also behaves like it should.

For more information check out the changelog