Kopano Releases in January 2018

February 8, 2018

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In January too, the Kopano team worked hard to improve the Kopano collaboration stack. Interested to learn what we did in the past few weeks? Read everything you need to know about the latest Kopano releases on this blog.


Kopano Web Meetings – Mattermost

Web Meetings, Kopano’s video conferencing tool, has been around for a while already and is built into WebApp and DeskApp. It is a popular add-on, used by many different organizations. When we were looking into new technologies such as ChatOps, we saw an opportunity to hit two birds with one stone: an improved Web Meetings with persistent chat (a recurring feature request). The new Web Meetings has been redesigned from scratch and an alpha release has recently come available.

Check out the Web Meetings Alpha release announcement

Kopano Core 8.5 RC

Kopano Core 8.5 RC includes a new utility to replace kopano-admin for Kopano server management from the console: kopano-cli. Furthermore, performance improvements in database connectivity were made and memory usage of server processes kopano-gateway and kopano-ical – used by many users with IMAP as their primary client – were reduced – which are. Finally, we added support for Python 3. Be sure to read the announcement for important information on things to check after upgrading. Also note that support for Debian 7 is now retired, and there’s no direct upgrade path from ZCP 7.1 to KC 8.5 or newer.

Check out the KC 8.5 RC release announcement

Kopano Releases - WebApp

WebApp 3.4.4, 3.4.5

The first steps have been taken to import items into WebApp. EML files sent to you as an attachment can now be imported into your mailbox. When creating a new calendar item, you can now see in which calendar the item is created. You can also change calendars, should the wrong one have been selected. In your to-do list you can now add flags for follow-up to tasks in your list, showing you a reminder when a task is overdue. Furthermore, we made quite a few performance improvements: less interaction with the server is needed and the client responds faster.

For more information check out the changelog

DeskApp 1.5

In DeskApp 1.5 the installer for DeskApp on Mac OSx has been improved. There was an upgrade to NW.js 0.27, updating to the newest version of Chrome and support and packages for Ubuntu 17.10 have been added. Lastly, the initial setup and login user experience have been improved in both design and behaviour.

For more information check out the changelog