Kopano Releases July 2019

August 21, 2019

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It’s mid-August already so here’s a new review of Kopano’s latest developments. Check out what we did in July (and the first week of August) in this Kopano Releases July 2019 blog post.

Kopano Releases July 2019 - Core

Groupware Core 8.7.5

Recently, we pushed Kopano Groupware Core 8.7.5 to our repositories and download pages. As mentioned in the pre-final announcement, we skipped version 8.7.4 due to an unresolved issue. This issue we fixed in 8.7.5. Bug fixes in 8.7.4 have also been made available in this release – such as improved compatibility with anti-spam filters and the removal of BCC recipients for message sent using Z-Push have been resolved.

Version 8.7.5 resolves an issue where WebApp and Z-Push could not update the free/busy information after making a change in a calendar.
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Kopano Releases July 2019 - WebApp

WebApp 3.5.9

In WebApp 3.5.9 we introduced a function to set a default cc recipient for new emails and replies. Start-up time (in browser and for DeskApp) received a small improvement by reducing the amount of data required to be loaded. In addition, we fixed the bug that allowed for OIDC in WebApp to run in quirks mode. Meanwhile, we continue to work on improvements for the new HTML editor Quill, which are expected to come available in the upcoming releases.

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Kopano Releases July 2019 - DeskApp

DeskApp 2.4

In this release we fixed a few bug including the bug that generated 0-byte files for downloaded zip-files. We also put back the option to open a file from your download history. Lastly, we added HTML encoding to translations.

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Kopano Releases July 2019 - SMIME

S/MIME plugin 2.2.2

In this release, we handled an edge case with certificate verification when a user is deleted. We also updated the German and Dutch translations.

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