Kopano Releases May 2019

June 4, 2019

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Groupware Core 8.7.1

Kopano Releases May 2019 - Core

The 8.7.1 release of Kopano Groupware Core is a bugfix release, resolving (amongst other things) the caching issues that some customers have encountered after installing version 8.7.0. This also includes the issue where emails that have been read are later marked as unread again. If you were affected by this issue, make sure you run the applicable kopano-dbadm command after upgrading (more details in the changelog).

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WebApp 3.5.6

The newest release of WebApp introduces a handful of fixes and improvements that make life easier. The rules/mail filters functionality has been extended with support for new rule triggers as well as actions.

Kopano Releases May 2019 - WebApp
After upgrading you’ll be able to create folders in the ‘select folder dialog’ when picking a folder to move an email to. Another noticeable change is the updated style for dialog headers and error messages (where obviously we hope you never spot the latter ;-)). Upcoming releases of WebApp continue to improve the new editor based on Quill – if you’re interested you can already give it a shot by installing the editor plugin.

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DeskApp 2.3

Kopano Releases May 2019 - DeskApp
Three DeskApp releases have been made available in the month of May. The engine has been updated to Chromium 74, which adds support for built-in screen sharing API without the need for a plugin.

A number of improvements and bugfixes around the handling of downloads has been introduced, for example, the ‘clear download history’ function and the opening of downloaded files if desired.

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