Kopano Web Meetings 3.0.0 Release Candidate is now available

April 19, 2017

Kopano’s online meeting plugin with high definition video and audio is nearing it’s next major final release. The first 3.0.0 beta introduced an improved window manager and the external window option for the plugin. Since then we have streamlined the external windows feature and extended the integration of Web Meetings with the Kopano DeskApp.

External windows

One of the request we often hear is to use the Web Meetings outside of WebApp or DeskApp. In the beta we introduced the this feature with a simple pop-up and now we’ve streamlined the experience based on feedback from users. In WebApp the Web Meetings window can be moved to a new browser window by clicking the pop-out button. Closing the new window will bring you back online inside the main WebApp window.

For DeskApp the external window feature works a bit different. You get to choose where the Web Meetings window is opened by default, and when you’re opening Web Meetings in the DeskApp for the first time you will be prompted to choose your preferred behavior. This always be changed in the settings menu.

Upgraded server backend

Next to the updates to the plugin we’ve upgraded the WebRTC based backend to the latest available version. This version improves stability, especially in calls with multiple users and different browsers. For more information on the latest version please have a look at the release announcements of spreed-webrtc.

Minor features

A few extra features and bugfixes we’ve added:

  • We’ve added a link to the spreed.me screen-sharing plugin in the WebApp settings.
  • We’ve added a warning when users move to an external window.
  • To clarify the window behavior we’ve added the “Go offline” button to the Web Meetings window.
  • Adding a Web Meeting invitation to an email or meeting request without subject now works.
  • We improved the invitation for Web Meetings with a button.

For more features and bug fixes check out the complete changelog

Getting the packages.

This version of Kopano Web Meetings is available via the portal or the repository. For more information on installation and configuration, please have a look at our documentation.

Final Feedback

We invite you to try this Release Candidate and we’d like to hear your feedback about it’s new features and improvements. If you have any questions, find an issue or have any suggestions for Web Meetings, please send an email to or visit our forums.