Web Meetings 3.0.0 Final

June 16, 2017

Web Meetings 3.0.0 final has officially been released! The Kopano Web Meetings plugin offers high definition video meeting and chat features. This major final release introduces the ability to open your web meetings in a separate browser window next to your other browser window(s). It also contains major UX improvements and a brand new drop-down menu. It also improves stability as there has been a back-end upgrade and bug fixes.

What’s New?

This new release of Kopano Web Meetings has improved the user experience and benefits from new features and tools from the upgraded backend. You can now use Web Meetings in external windows and this release uses the new ‘What’s new’ feature of WebApp to introduce feature highlights to the user.

External windows

We have introduced the ‘pop-out’ feature for Web Meetings in both WebApp and DeskApp. This feature allows the user to simply use the “pop-out” button to move the Web Meetings window to a new browser window.

For DeskApp this feature has been expanded. The user can choose where to open Web Meetings by default; in DeskApp or in a new browser window. This option can always be changed in the user’s DeskApp settings.

We’ve also added a warning message so that users know their current session will end and the chat history will be lost when moving to a new window.

Drop-down menu

Web Meetings will create a new window when setting up a direct web meeting via email or when joining a planned web meeting. To keep track of these windows we’ve added a drop-down menu to the Web Meetings button where all active meetings are listed with their current status. The list will show which meeting is active and who has joined the meeting rooms.

This drop-down menu also provides access to the new audio controls. Here users can mute Web Meetings’ notification sounds.

UX improvements

The external windows and drop-down menu have added a lot of functionality to Web Meetings. To keep everything simple and understandable for the users we’ve made some small changes to the interface;

  • We’ve added the ‘go-offline’ button to the iFrame
  • Instant meeting requests now have a clickable button instead of a plain link.
  • The screen-sharing plugin is now linked in the settings.

If you are running Kopano WebApp 3.3.1 or higher you are introduced to these new features and improvements via the “What’s new” dialog on your first login after upgrading Kopano Web Meetings.

Backend upgrade and bugfixes

On the backend side we have upgraded to the latest release of Spreed WebRTC (find out more about this release on their github page).

In addition, this release also fixes several bugs and introduces small improvements. A full list can be found in the changelog.

Where do I get the packages?

Kopano Web Meetings 3.0.0 is now available on the portal and through the repository. Check the documentation for installation/configuration steps.

We hope you will enjoy the new and improved Web Meetings. If you have any feedback or suggestions feel free to send an email to or leave a message on the forums.