WebApp 3.1.1 final is available

October 26, 2016

Kategorie: Releases-de

Short before the Kopano Conference we released WebApp 3.1.0 final which introduced quite some new features like favorite folders and email pop-outs. During our Kopano Conference we introduced our new brand identity which also comes with a new logo. This is one of the drivers behind the introduction of this maintenance release of WebApp 3.1.1. Since we have the chance, this release also fixes some bugs that were reported by our partners and customers.

What is in this release?

It introduces some changes to the look of WebApp:

  • The Kopano logo on the logon page and in the application has been replaced with the new version
  • The favicon has been replaced with WebApp’s product icon

This version also resolves some bugs:

  • ‘Edit as new’ is no longer shown for non-email items
  • Rules can now be created when email is received as a GAB group member
  • Tasks and notes filters can now be used on all items in the list

And a few more! You can find the packages at the usual location: the portal and the download server. The changelog can be found here, along with the documentation!