WebApp 3.2.0 final: a holiday release

December 23, 2016

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Making communication easier, faster and more enjoyable is an ongoing process. In addition, a lot of development time in WebApp is focused on making information available and accessible in a simple way. Recent versions introduced features like favorite folders, the improved search toolbox, pop-out for email reading and writing and of course the new and improved look & feel. We are very happy to announce the availability of WebApp 3.2.0 final today

Highlighted features

Screenshot from 2016-11-24 11-55-07Unread item notifications for subfolders

This new version of WebApp supports showing notifications and updating the unread counter of subfolders in your own store, which is a very often requested feature. This comes in handy when you are using mail filters to move incoming email items to different sub folders within your own store. If you have desktop notifications enabled, the message displayed will also contain the name of the updated folder.

Search suggestions

Kopano Search recently received an upgrade that can provide ‘suggestions’ for search terms based on your search query. This can help you find messages with keywords that may contain a typo (e.g. a suggestion might be ‘orange’ when the user entered ‘oragne’, or vice-versa, if ‘oragne’ is a common keyword in your search index). Search suggestions are given below the search keyword field and are displayed immediately after performing a search query.

Screenshot from 2016-12-22 10-51-57


Screenshot from 2016-12-22 10-45-08Additional mail filters and rules

Kopano Core supports a lot of automated filtering tools and WebApp now supports all rules available in Core. Regardless of the client you use, you can now create and manage them all! The following rules have been added:

  • Rules for email received as ‘to’ or ‘cc’
  • Rules based on ‘sensitivity’ values (e.g. private, confidential)
  • Rules for messages received within a certain date span
  • Rules for messages received as ‘to’
  • Rules for messages received as ‘cc’
  • Rules for messages containing attachments

There is more…

In addition, lots of small improvements and bug fixes have been implemented:

  • The ‘check names’ dialog now also shows the email address of local contacts
  • The subject of an email can now be selected when using Firefox
  • Basic keyboard shortcuts are now enabled by default
  • HTML editor tooltips can now be translated
  • Font size in HTML editor can now be changed by smaller increments
  • Meeting request button order has been optimized
  • Malformed HTML content no longer results in an infinite loop

For the complete list, check out the changelog.

Where do I get the packages?

The packages for this new version have been synchronized to the repositories, the portal and the download server! The WebApp documentation has been updated where required and is available on documentation.kopano.io. As always, the latest development version can be downloaded from the community download server. If you have any feedback, send an email to  or open a topic in our Kopano forum!