About Kopano

A European open source company

In 2007 we decided to make our product open source. Since then we have started many open source projects and developed some of them into products. Today Open Source is the core of our work and our goal is to deliver software to achieve digital sovereignty.

We are a European company. While our roots are in Delft, the Netherlands, this is still the location of our head office, we are a truly European company. We also have offices in Geislingen/Stuttgart in Germany. Our own software enables us to connect to our team members from all over the world and work as if we were sitting next to each other in one office. This is what we offer: with our software we offer this possibility to all other organizations as well.

We are driven by the pursuit of the freedom to control our own data. In doing so, we focus on the company, the administration or the school, which should be able to operate its digital communications infrastructure in a digitally sovereign way. Our software lets you decide where your data is stored, how is it protected and whom may access it.


Although Germany is our largest market, we serve customers in all continents. Open Source has long been a quality feature here. Open source code gives confidence in the software because it offers an option to control your communication platform. Open Source also gives consistency, allows change and is sustainable.

Knowledge and experience are necessary to run software. We impart this knowledge in trainings and talk openly about what we do. Our experts and the experts from our ecosystem are ready to support wherever they are needed.

Whether our software is operated by you, runs on an appliance or is made available in a cloud – you decide on your data and can switch providers at any time.

All this and much more is what we understand by digital sovereignty, which we will continue to make easier every day for every company, every school and every administration to use it.