Kopano Groupware Interoperability

Extensions and integrations for Kopano Groupware

There are many interfaces to and from Kopano Groupware. A variety of solutions use these interfaces to process users’ email and calendar data. This page lists a selection of platforms, applications and services that Kopano Groupware interacts with.
Please note: The EOL of Kopano Groupware has been announced for 2025. Kopano Groupware is being succeeded by products and services based on Kopano Cloud. Please refer to this blog post for a quick overview.

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Kopano Groupware Core Icon

Kopano Konnect

OpenID Connect provider for Kopano

Lightmeter ControlCenter

Lightmeter brings peace to mail server management

Benno MailArchiv

Integrate Benno MailArchiv seamlessly into the Kopano WebApp and DeskApp

Collax Groupware Server

Run Kopano on Collax


LogoDIDACT is an All-Inclusive IT Solution, which enables schools to manage their hardware (pcs, notebooks and tablets)

Univention Corporate Server

Run Kopano on UCS

agorum core

Your central Open Source Enterprise Content Management System


Encrypt and sign your emails, on any infrastructure


ClamAV® is the open source standard for mail gateway scanning software


Cloudron is a complete solution for running apps on your own server

Element (Matrix client)

Integrate Element through the Kopano Intranet plugin

Exact Online

Cloud business software for SMEs and their accountants


Kopano WebApp plugin to manage autodelete periods

GRAPI Explorer

Test queries against the Kopano RestAPI from your browser


Your own enterprise social network

Jitsi Meet

Integrate Jitsi Meet into Kopano WebApp

Kopano Archiver

Speed up your Kopano installation by moving old mails to an archive server

Kopano Fraud Plugin

Directly recognise external senders in your inbox

Kopano Intranet Plugin

Integrate other web applications into Kopano WebApp/DeskApp
Icon Kopano Outlook Extension

Kopano Outlook Extension

Connect Microsoft Outlook to Kopano

LDAP Account Manager

Web UI to manage Kopano users


Send office documents through Kopano DeskApp


Communicating securely with Mailvelope

Mattermost WebApp plugin

Integrate Mattermost into Kopano WebApp

Microsoft Office

Send office documents through Kopano DeskApp


S3 compatible object storage for Kopano Groupware


Integrate Nextcloud through Kopano Files & the Intranet plugin

Nine – Email & Calendar

All-in-one solution for mobile business


Integrate ownCloud through Kopano Files & the Intranet plugin

Postfix Mail Server

The fast, easy to administer and secure mail server

Rocket.Chat Plug-In

Integrate Rocket Chat into Kopano WebApp


Integrate Seafile through Kopano Files & the Intranet plugin


Drag & Drop of Kopano elements and attachments into your file system


Central user interface to manage cloud accounts and to synchronize their contact, task and calendar information with Thunderbird

Text template plug-in

Work with predefined text templates in Kopano WebApp


Sync timetable data from WebUntis to the individual calendars of your users