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We sell our software via our Partner network that buys the product on your behalf and helps you set it up.

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Feature list

basic €15 per user/year

pro €30 per user/year

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Feature list

  • Products
  • Email & collaboration clients
  • Calendar, contacts & tasks
  • Web Meetings
  • Files for Teams i
  • Support
  • Support blocks i
  • Portal support
  • Phone/Email support
  • Remote support
  • High availability
  • Support for cluster installations
  • Support for multi tenant installations
  • Add-ons
  • Archiveri
  • Clients
  • WebApp
  • DeskApp
  • Mobility
  • Other (IMAP, CalDAV, Outlook)



per user/year
minimum 5 users i

  • Not included (12 EUR per user/year)
  • Not included (6 EUR per user/year)
  • 2Support blocks+ 1 additional block
    for every € 2000,- in order size

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per user/year
minimum 20 users i

  • 8Support blocks+ 1 additional block
    for every € 1000,- in order size
  • Not included (17.5 EUR per user/year first 20 users free)

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why should I pay for open source software?

Before releasing new products or versions into the Kopano communication & sharing platform, we take care of testing, tuning and troubleshooting across a wide range of browsers, distributions and configurations. If your company uses open source software in mission critical areas, you will probably need someone to provide support when the software doesn’t work as expected.

How do I buy the Kopano communication & sharing solution?

We sell our software via our partner network that buys the product on behalf of you and helps you set it up. Together we want to give customers the best communication and sharing experience in their professional life. Partners can be found all around the globe. You can take a look for yourself in the partner map on this page to find a partner. You can also contact us to discuss your needs and we can help you find the perfect partner.

How do I become a certified partner?

We enjoy working together with partners on making customers happy with great software. To become part of our ecosystem, we have various partner packages to kick start our cooperation. Please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you soon!

Where do I buy a commercial license?

Your favorite certified partner can buy the product on behalf of you. You can use the partner map to find a partner nearby.

Do I need to buy Kopano Archiver subscriptions for every user in my company?

No. You only need to buy the amount of subscriptions you actually require.

We sell our software via our partner network.
Kopano Partners have expertise to help you with deployment and maintenance of the software.

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Eligible for a discount?

Kopano offers special prices under the following circumstances:

Public sector

Companies in the public sector receive a 25% discount on all subscriptions.

Educational sector

Contact us for a customized discount offer.

Scientific sector

Contact us for a customized discount offer.

Multiple user discount

The more subscriptions you purchase, the bigger your discount!

5% discount for 100+ users
10% discount for 250+ users
15% discount for 1000+ users

What’s next?

Do you want to learn more about our product or subscription model?

Whitepapers and Roadmap

Try the Kopano live demo, or take a look at upcoming events and trainings
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Questions? Interact with experts:
Or call us at: T (NL) +31 (0) 15 750 4712 T (DE) +49 (0) 511 220019-80

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