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Kopano Subscriptions & Services

We sell subscriptions and provide services for them. The prices for subscriptions to our products can be found on the respective product pages.


We offer our open source products in supported editions. To access these editions, you have to purchase a subscription. Subscriptions have a defined term, which usually renews automatically. During this term you have access to all updates of your edition as well as a defined support contingent.

With the purchase of a subscription you also actively participate in the further development of our open source products, because everything we develop is made available open source.


Kopano Groupware

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Kopano Services

We are there when you need help. Customers who have an active subscription can access our technical support. When it comes to major projects or challenges, our Professional Services team is there to help.

We charge support on a support unit basis (one request with a maximum processing time). Professional Services are charged per person day. We support the management of projects with a longer duration with a Technical Account Manager (TAM).


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Kopano Services

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