Kopano Groupware

Digital Sovereign Email & Calendaring Server

Kopano Groupware is an e-mail and calendaring solution, which can be operated digitally sovereign. Its functionality is comparable to that of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. Kopano Groupware installations can be operated with more than 100,000 users.

Kopano Groupware

About Kopano Groupware

Kopano Groupware is an e-mail and calendar server that provides users with their daily communication and organizational data on all devices and connects teams. Data can be jointly edited in public folders or shared with others from your own inbox.


  • E-mail, calendar, tasks, contacts, notes
  • WebApp, DeskApp, Mobile Devices & Standard Protocols
  • S/MIME, Basic-MDM, Files and other extensions


Test drive WepApp About Interoperability

Communication as a Service

In today’s as-a-Service world, things like e-mail or calendars are part of the infrastructure. Regardless of the interface to the user, other services and applications must be able to access this data in a standardized and reliable way.

The properties of our RestAPI are based on Microsoft Graph. For the connection of other services this means that the integration of one service already includes a large part of the connection to the other service. We see this interoperability and the resulting interchangeability as an important contribution to digital sovereignty.

Based on standard technology

Kopano is the only open source MAPI server worldwide. MAPI, the Messaging API, describes the data model that also underlies Microsoft’s e-mail and calendar services. It enables even complex multi-dimensionally linked elements such as invitations to recurring appointments with exceptions to be stored without errors.

Beyond the data storage, Kopano uses existing and proven Linux services.These are for example MTAs like Postfix, MariaBD/MySQL databases, Docker, Kubernetes, …

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Kopano Basic and Kopano Professional include up to 10 users in its base packages. For Kopano Enterprise it is 50 users. Our licenses for additional users increase by an increment of 5 users.
We used to offer Kopano Files as part of Kopano Basic and Kopano Files for Teams as commercial extension for Kopano Basic and part of Kopano Professional. Since a major rewrite of the Files Extension there is only one edition anymore, which is a commercial extension to Kopano Basic and included in Kopano Professional and higher.
For installations with up to 250 users we recommend Kopano ONE. For larger installations please reach out to sales to learn which edition fits best to your needs.
We are currently working on a migration path from existing Kopano Groupware installations to Kopano ONE. Please note that special requirements (everything besides directory on the same system) do apply to Kopano ONE.
Kopano Core 9 will be available in our repositories in early 2021. In the meantime you may have a look at Kopano ONE.
Please send us your question via the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible. If you want to reach out to us on specific / longer topics, please use our contact form!