Integrations & APIs

Kopano connected into your infrastructure

Open interfaces are the basis of all our products. We complement your IT infrastructure and connect your services.

kopano backend - groupware core

Easily Scalable Groupware Server

The only Open Source MAPI Server

MAPI (the Messaging API) is an interface description for handling multidimensional objects. The MAPI is primarily used by Microsoft for its groupware (Exchange, Office365). Our Kopano Core is the only Open Source implementation of a MAPI server used in production as of today. The processing of the groupware data in MAPI format enables us to handle complex objects like invitations to recuring meetings with exceptions.

Secure CommunicationCollaborate in a protected work environment that allows you to keep complete control over all your company data.Read more about Kopano and security

kopano backend - groupware core


Integrate instead of Duplicate

Wherever possible, our Kopano server uses the existing infrastructure. The user administration can be done completely in Microsoft ActiveDirectory, Novell eDirectory or OpenLDAP and its derivatives. For higher comfort in the administration of e.g. email quotas we provide a schema extension.

We use any mail transport agent (MTA) for sending and receiving e-mails. Out of experience we recommend Postfix. Communication with Kopano happens via LMTP, the rest is standard on the Internet. AntiVirus, AntiSPAM, compliant e-mail archiving and other 3rd party services have existing interfaces in MTAs like Postfix. No special compatibility with Kopano needs to be considered here.

kopano backend - groupware core


Let your service talk to Kopano

Modern IT thrives on integrating specialised services with each other. Kopano offers a variety of standard protocols and open interfaces to exchange data with other applications or to perform actions, such as sending an e-mail or creating an appointment: RestAPI (GRAPI/KAPI) compatible with Microsoft Graph, MAPI in C++/PHP/Python, ActiveSync-over-the-Air, IMAP, POP3, CalDAV, SMTP, …

In addition, there is the possibility to integrate widgets or plugins into the Kopano WebApp. The services for delivering and sending e-mail also have their own interfaces for plug-ins.

kopano backend - groupware core

Kopano Cluster

High Availability / Scale to the max

A Kopano node consists of a Kopano core server, a database and an attachment storage. Several of these nodes can be operated in parallel. Through clever yet simple communication between the nodes, the overall system scales almost linearly with the number of existing nodes.

Of course it is possible to operate Kopano with high availability. There is a wide range of possibilities here, which certainly cover every imaginable situation.