Integrations & APIs

Kopano connected into your infrastructure

Open interfaces are the basis of all our products. We complement your IT infrastructure and connect your services.

LibreGraph (former Kopano Kraph)

We decided in 2021 to release our free RestAPI Kopano Kraph, which is open to all vendors and compatible with MS Graph under a new name and with ownCloud on github under LibreGraph · GitHub .

In this blog article you will find more details about LibreGraph

Kopano Groupware Intranet Plugin

For users, everyday work must be as simple as possible. That is why it is often helpful to combine different applications in one portal. This makes it possible to access different services from just one interface.

The Kopano Intranet Plugin is a way of displaying web services from other vendors in the Kopano WebApp and thus making them available to users directly from the e-mail and calendar application.

Python Kopano (for Kopano Groupware)

The underlying data model for Kopano is MAPI. MAPI is short for Messaging Application Programming Interface and an API for Microsoft Windows which allows programs to become email-aware. The module ‘python-mapi’ implements access to this data once in Python.

Use its abstraction layer ‘python-kopano‘ to connect your own applications: With this module you can easily interface with data from a Kopano Groupware installation without a deeper understanding of MAPI. This integration option is intended for applications that run on the same system as Kopano Groupware.