Kopano Cloud Offering Types [B2B]

These are descriptions of typical offerings provided by Kopano Cloud Partners.
Please note: Final price, included services and / or specification may vary between Kopano Cloud Partners of the same category.

Managed Service by
Kopano Cloud Selected Partner


Target size: 10 – 500 users
Support available by Selected Partner
Additional mail related services may be available.
Recomended storage volume: 25 GB per mailbox
Recommended retail price per mailbox / per month: 6,90 €

  • Managed Service Reseller [MSR]
  • The Kopano Cloud Selected Partner sells mailboxes as a service, which are hosted by bytemine GmbH.

Mananged Service by
Kopano Cloud Provider


Target size: 10 – unlimited users
Support available by Provider
Additional mail related services may be available.
Other software products may be available as a service.


  • Managed Service Provider [MSP]
  • The Kopano Cloud Provider sells services based on Kopano Cloud that are produced on its own hardware / in its own data centre.

Kopano Cloud on-premises
via Kopano Cloud OEM Partner


Target size:  10 – 1.000 users
Support available by OEM Reseller
Additional mail related services may be available.
Each OEM has its own focus on value adding features.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer [OEM]
  • The Kopano Cloud OEM Partner sells its own products and services based on Kopano Cloud – which are also suitable for on-premises use – via its own sales partners.

Kopano Cloud Offerings can only be purchased through our Resellers!

Our partners add value with a diverse service range and capability to provide additional solutions alongside Kopano Cloud. Please get in touch with the Kopano Cloud Partners directly to find the right Kopano Cloud Offering for your specific needs.


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