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Here you will find whitepapers, lists, documents and product videos. The whitepapers were written by experts at Kopano or by our partners.

Price list for services

Nov 24th 2020

We support you with various technical services. These are listed here.

Kopano Pricelist

Nov 24th 2020

This is the Kopano standard price list including services, status November 14, 2020

Check EDU prices

Nov 24th 2020

We also see it as our task to support digitization in schools and universities. Therefore we have created a special price list for the EDU sector.

Download Partner Information

Nov 11th 2020

If you are an IT company, we would like to work with you. We have developed a partner program especially for this purpose.

Kopano Meet Product Video

Nov 13th 2019

This video introduces Kopano Meet for users.

Kopano and GDPR

May 28th 2018

Kopano does not offer possibilities to gather statistics, do profiling or promotions. However, due to the sensitive nature of the information that may be stored in e-mails etc., you should still be concerned about your handling of this data in your Kopano system. In this document we try to give you a few very simple clues.

EU-US Cloud Privacy Crash

Nov 15th 2017

In this whitepaper, Dan Shearer, CTO at Privasee (experts in privacy and GDPR compliance), provides an in-depth analysis of this complex situation.

Performance of Outlook using ActiveSync

May 29th 2017

This whitepaper compares the server performance of Outlook using ActiveSync versus mobile clients. The focus of this paper includes e.g. evaluation of memory usage and sync time spend per client.