Kopano Cloud OEM-Partner

We have strong OEM-Partners who have integrated Kopano Cloud into their solution

We have relied on OEM-Partners in the past, and we are doing the same for Kopano Cloud.

The OEM-Partners mentioned here have produced their own solution that includes Kopano Cloud in one way or another. They are the manufacturer of these solutions and the main contact for all questions that might be related to it. Do not hesitate to contact them via their websites or by phone.


With TUXGUARD GmbH , we have been able to gain a partner that has been focused on intelligent cyber security for a long time. With the development of its new mail gateway, the idea came up to also integrate Kopano Cloud as an OEM-Solution in such a way that a broad function base with uniform administration comes about, which is also suitable for “on-premises” use.

Under its own name groupios,  TUXGUARD GmbH distributes the new email security gateway including our new groupware solution from September 25, 2023.

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linudata GmbH has roots of joint cooperation already since exchange4linux, Zarafa and of course from the beginning with Kopano. They decided to produce their own solution called Kopanion based on Kopano Cloud, which can also be used as a virtual appliance in “on-premises” deployment.

The long-standing cooperation and the deep know-how around Kopano Cloud result in an easy-to-install solution for a complete groupware data management in-house.

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