Kopano Groupware Apps

Email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes

The clients for our various products accompany you through your entire working day. That’s why we design them to be as intuitive as possible. Whether on the desktop, in the office, at home, on a smartphone or on a tablet: you always have access to your emails and appointments.

Please note: The EOL of Kopano Groupware has been announced for 2025. Kopano Groupware is being succeeded by products and services based on Kopano Cloud. Please refer to this blog post for a quick overview.

Kopano WebApp

The Kopano WebApp accompanies you wherever you have an Internet browser at your disposal. You will quickly understand how to work with it. We have based our look and feel on well-known solutions. Themes enable you to turn the WebApp into your corporate client.

  • Familiar and intuitive design for your calendars, emails, tasks & co.
  • Connects you with your team
  • Extendable with Plugins and Widgets

Kopano DeskApp

The Kopano DeskApp is your integrated Kopano online client on the desktop. In addition to all functions of the WebApp, it offers the possibility to be set up as a standard app for e-mail. So other applications can easily transfer files to the DeskApp. DeskApp can just as easily pass e-mail attachments to other programs for opening.

  • Integrates with other applications (LibreOffice, MS Office, …)
  • Enterprise management functionality (e.g. roll out profiles centrally)

Kopano ONE

Smartphones, Tablets & Co.

Whether Android or iOS: All mobile devices synchronize e-mails, calendars and contacts with Microsoft services via the Active-Sync-over-the-Air protocol. Or with the open source project Z-Push, which we initiated in 2007. So your e-mails and appointments arrive reliably on every device.

  • Simply connect your smartphone to MS Exchange, but give the Kopano Server’s address
  • Basic Mobile Device Management functionality
  • Extends ActiveSync with basic sharing functions

Other Clients


Retrieve emails using your favorite IMAP/POP3 client.

Configure IMAP/POP3


Sync your contacts and calendar with CalDAV.

Configure CalDAV

Microsoft Outlook

Connect to MS Outlook using Z-Push and the Kopano Outlook Extension.

Configure Outlook

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Currently, only the connection via IMAP is possible, as there is no Active Sync implementation for Macs or an native connection. Alternatively, the WebApp can be used. The DeskApp is also not available for Apple systems.
Please send us your question via the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible. If you want to reach out to us on specific / longer topics, please use our contact form!