Kopano Cloud

Digital sovereign email & calendar server

Kopano Cloud is our completely new product, which is produced and offered by our partners in the form of so-called Kopano Cloud Offerings.

Kopano Cloud is one of the only groupware solutions that offers a native Outlook connection without the aid of plug-ins or add-ons, including autodiscover functionality.

Kopano Cloud is a container software stack that contains everything needed to run the solution. It is tightly defined and thus significantly accelerates the startup.

Kopano Cloud was developed with hosting environments in mind and is designed for high performance. Tens of thousands of users on one system with multiple clients are possible without any problems.

The completely new code base has been under development since 2019. It is based on the know-how and experience of around 20 years of groupware development (Connectux, exchange4linux, Zarafa, Kopano).

  • Email, calendar, tasks, contacts, notes
  • Kopano WebApp, Microsoft Outlook (from 2016, incl. MS 365), alternative clients via IMAP/POP3 (e.g. Thunderbird), Android and iOS via ActiveSync.
  • Kopano Cloud keeps the data user-specific
  • Kopano Cloud has a REST API for control and a webinteface for administration

The role of our partners for Kopano Cloud

Kopano Cloud can usually be purchased in the form of a managed service (Kopano Cloud Offering) exclusively through our partners. Partners can also add further services to the service.

Alternatively, on-premises deployment may be an option, or you may choose a product from our OEM partners.


IT service providers who would like to offer Kopano Cloud to their customers should contact us by e-mail at .

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Before a migration, data that is still needed should be transferred from public folders to separate/shared mailboxes
We recommend organising the move by using Outlook and PST files. In the case of large mailboxes, imapsync as a tool for e-mails can help to significantly reduce the amount of data in PST files.
Feedback of all kinds is always welcome. Please submit this via your supervising Kopano Cloud Partner.
Please send us your question via the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible. If you want to reach out to us on specific / longer topics, please use our contact form!